Babies & Children

Babies & Children

Childbirth is a unique transition and awe inspiring journey. It can be a stressful experience that has lasting impact on physiological and emotional health.

During birth, the soft skull is exposed to great pressure as the baby negotiates the journey through the pelvis or to sudden pressure change during a caesarian section. These pressures and resulting distortions of the skull often recover after birth. If the distortions and strains remain unresolved, then cranial nerves and blood vessels can be subject to continuing pressure, particularly on exit from the skull through small holes which might have been compromised. The result is impaired function, and can lead to behavioural struggles, emotional distress, colic and difficulty feeding. Craniosacral Therapy enables babies and young children to resolve the physical effects of birth on the skull, to free up the nervous system and blood flow and allow a fuller expresssion of health.

Birth is a formative process that has ongoing impact on emotional, psychological and physical health, our personality, behaviour and physiology. Early work to resolve any overwhelm experienced by the baby can be tremendously beneficial for psychological health in later years. Craniosacral Therapy provides a safe space where babies and children (and also adults) can resolve any traumatic or overwhelming experiences during birth, earlier life in the womb and early childhood tranisitions.

Babies are so sensitive that they respond quickly and well to gentle holistic therapy in general. Babies with colic, digestive problems; eg reflux or just a baby that won't sleep and cries a lot may benefit hugely from just one treatment.

Babies & Children

Babies and children always respond well to touch and can benefit greatly from all different types of massage. Acupressure can be a very helpful way to work with energy meridians without using needles. Children above the age of 4 can benefit greatly from very gentle Acupuncture and herbs.

Children respond incredibly well to a wide range of NLP techniques as they are inherently good at using their imagination in their everyday lives. Issues such as low self confidence, exam nerves, soiling, nail biting or thumb sucking can be easily addressed.

Children love stories. When using Hypnotherapy with children metaphors (stories) are used to capture the attention and their imagination. These can be embedded with positive messages allowing the child to gently discover ways of dealing with a variety of conditions.