Neck & Shoulders

Back Pain

Repetitive Strain Injury (including Plantar Fasciitis)


Acupuncture can be extremely effective in many different cases of pain relief, as are various types of Massage , Osteopathy, & Structural Rebalancing. Craniosacral Therapy works directly with the central nervous system and can be very effective at relieving pain too.

Pain Reduction through Hypnotherapy:

Many people report a significant decrease in the pain suffered whilst under hypnosis as the body goes into a deeply relaxed state. 


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Please describe what you came to have Acupuncture for:
Pain in back and right leg and headaches caused by living with constant pain. Frozen left shoulder due to lost right arm, meaning my left arm over working.

How did you benefit from treatment?
Like a wrecked car that has been fixed. Feel I have increased quality of life, happiness and well being.

How would you describe your overall experience of having Acupuncture with Nicola?
Although not expecting anything too positive in the beginning, I felt with no other options (have tried other treatments, such as massage and cranial sacral - they were good but not effective for my long term hopes) it was worth trusting Nicola as she is very calm and gives one a sense of empathy and without getting hopes up too much takes you on a journey to a place where your body gains a sense of balance - that had been lost in life before this treatment.

Did you experience any side effects to Acupuncture treatment?
Yes there were days when I felt worse worse as an effect of the treatment. But began to realise that energies within my body were moving and without getting too mystical there was the sense of blocks and darker energies being released somehow.

Please could you describe what you expected from Acupuncture treatment and whether the actual experience differed from your expectations in any way:
I had had acupuncture instead of pain killers whilst in hospital many years ago (it did cause a problem at the time as the NHS were not too familiar with the practise). However I was not expecting anything positive. My pain was such that just the act of actively attempting treatment was a form of distraction from much of the mental discomfort I was having. Like planning a holiday gets you through the days before a holiday.

How long ago was your last session, and how are the problems now that you first came to have treatment for?
Nearly 2 years ago. The specific problems were fixed (if this is the right term) in the sense that pain level is way down and easily managed without pain killers...

What did you value most about coming for Acupuncture Treatment?
The thought that there would be an end to the pain as well as an end to treating the pain...

Would you recommend Acupuncture with Nicola to anyone?
I have recommended Nicola to several people over the years. Today a friend with severe back problems caused me to visit this site to pass on Nicolas details. Hence reason for completing this questionnaire."

53 yr old, software engineer