Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy can be used to great advantage in stopping overeating, controlling cravings and motivating you to live a healthier lifestyle. Your thoughts can be rearranged, changing attitudes and beliefs about yourself and your relationship with food.

Many people have a strong desire to be a healthy weight but find it hard to change habits that have formed, sometimes over many years. With hypnotherapy, we can help you make the shift that you want to make at your own pace. By suggestions in the trance state, it will be possible for you to see things differently and find the inner strength needed to bring about long lasting changes to your relationship with food. 

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Acupuncture can also be beneficial to aid with weight loss working in a number of different ways:

-to promote healthy digestion

-to promote healthy metabolism and energy levels

-to improve will power and mental associations with eating habits

-through an analysis of best eating habits according to a chinese medicine diagnosis


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