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Local Artists have generously contributed their artwork to display at The Haven. All Artwork is for sale. You are welcome to come and view the work during reception hours.


Cea Blyth (To view Cea's website please click on her name)

Candida Sea Blyth, (Cea) was born in West Sussex and studied Art History at the University of East Anglia. She has travelled widely, studying indigenous art in Australia, Thailand and Africa.

Her paintings are an experience of British indigenous art; inspired by the colours, sparkles and textures of the earth as much as by the energies and archetypes that present themselves from the landscape. Her individual style is simple and expressive, with flat areas of colour to show off the colours of the Earth.

The paintings are created with pigments, which Cea collects as soil from different locations and then fixes them with 'gum arabic' and a resin from almond trees, which she collects in Spain. The only exception is the green, an earth pigment, bought from Cyprus. She paints on handmade paper or unbleached hemp canvas (because it doesn't require chemicals to grow it.)

Sarah Ted Coombs

Artist Sarah – Ted Coombs, known as Ted, has recently moved from the openness of Exmoor to the intimacy of Ashburton.
My work reflects where I find myself, both internally and externally. It is a response and an inquiry. ‘What is my response to this vista, to this person, to this longing? What if I let myself love it all? Can I simply enjoy the energy that is life?’.
The background to my work has been a journey of growing awareness, slowly uncovering the peace and ease that I have longed for and fought against.
The work displayed at The Haven has been made using oil paint on paper. The marks have been made using rag and the surface polished to reveal what has been absorbed. I am exploring the authenticity of being present, of what is. Paint has been added and polished until there’s a sense of completion.
Currently I am exploring painting with brushes on canvas using both hands at the same time – an exciting new enquiry inspired by my sister’s life drawing.

‘Moon’ reflects the continual play and movement of life. It is owned by ‘The Haven’. Other paintings can be seen around the clinic and viewed in Ashburton by arrangement.
Phone number – 07814 238685.

Prices are in the region of £200 (framed).

Heidi Green


Fine Art Photography

I find it fascinating to explore miniature worlds that are usually hidden, looking closely and using the macro lens on my digital camera.

I work in Devon and Cornwall. Photographing rockpools that can only be reached at very low tide, and flowers laden with dew or raindrops, I have discovered surprising details and a transitory beauty.

Photographic prints are available to buy: Unframed at £15 for A4 / £30 for A3

Unframed work can be posted (with a charge for p&p).

E mail :