Amanda Jordan Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology

Amanda Jordan


I trained at the Garamia School of Integrated Medicine for Four and a half years, studying Anatomy and Physiology in depth. Further more obtaining Aromatherapy at Practitioner level to include the study of Aromatology, Pathology, Chemotology and body reading, thus providing me with the skills to use oils in practice prepared unadulterated oils chosen and blended to alleviate many symptoms and conditions.


Aromatherapy The ultimate Massage experience which affects the body and mind on different levels.

Advanced Swedish massage techniques Working intuitively with manipulation if needed. This massage stimulates all the systems of the body, giving relief to many muscular issues. Melting away the stressors

Remedial Massage Working with specific muscle groups, referred pain, trigger point therapy, deep tissue when necessary, working within the clients pain thresh-hold for the best therapeutic result.

Reflexology A profoundly distinctive pin point foot massage allowing the body to become receptive promoting relaxation, therefore allowing re-orientation and balancing of mind and body to assist in creating homeostasis internally.

With nine years experience it feels natural to continue to gain modalities within my practice to enable me to give therapeutic healing treatments.



“I have known Amanda now for over 18 months. We moved down to Devon from Warwickshire following my retirement from the Judiciary and also from being a prison inspector. I have over the years had three major spinal operations, and I have always found that a massage to be a great help, these therapist have varied from frankly acceptable to not very good. That was until I have been fortunate to find Amanda, she is very professional, discrete, very considerate. I feel very at ease with her, I can explain how I'm feeling where my pain is, and I know she will explain to me just how she is going to treat me, whether I need a deeper massage or a gentler one. I do put my trust in her because I know that she is able and competent. 

I've also had the advantage of Amanda's advice on Nutrition, her expertise on many avenues of holistic health, the whole ambience of the way in which you feel when you enter her treatment room is one of relaxation and trust. Also just before I finish I like to say the way Amanda gives me a feeling of dignity. She has a real gift and will be a great asset to you and your team.”
Lynn, retired

“I have been seeing Amanda Jordan for four or five years now and she is an excellent masseur. She is incredibly knowledgeable about her subject and highly professional whilst also managing to be both friendly and welcoming. I have always recommended her to my friends which is why it is now so much more difficult to get an appointment with her because she is so busy!”
Janice, age 62. retired 

“I have been going to Amanda at the Hen House in Kingsbridge for massage for 8 years, initially with bursitis in my upper thigh area. She successfully treated this & I have carried on seeing her on a fairly regular basis ever since for a complete body massage & for maintenance on the bursitis.

She has also successfully treated an occasional back problem and helped with muscle recovery after I broke my femur last Christmas whilst skiing. My husband, Peter also has treatments with her for his neck problem.

Amanda is a delightful lady & I always thoroughly enjoy spending an hour with her & always come out feeling on top of the world. She also is very knowledgeable in many ways about nutrition & we often have an in depth conversation about this & other subjects.

I have many other friends who go to Amanda who also extol her virtues - she probably doesn't know it but we call her ‘Amazing Amanda’”
Susan, age 70, retired but still very active!

“I have been a client of Amanda’s for at least eight years and during that time I have had both aromatherapy massage and sports massage.  Both have been excellent and promoted not only my physical health but also my mental well being. She is an excellent communicator and has helped me understand some of my physical problems. She is very easy to get on with and easy to talk to. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting a massage of any type.”
Sue, age 70, retired

"Following a severe accident I sustained in Crete, several years ago, my injuries have resulted in constant professional medical attention to my limbs and muscles to assist in the removal of pain and improve my body movement.

I have attended Amanda Jordan's clinic regularly over several years to receive treatment, advice, guidance and elimination of extreme muscle and limb pain, control of which has undoubtedly given body and mind strength to allow me to function comfortably in a busy life style.

I would thoroughly recommend Amanda as an outstandingly qualified Professional Therapist with a wide range of knowledge and skills and a determination to learn and use new and advanced therapies."





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  • T: 01364 654954
  • M: 07899 926184