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I am passionate about helping others to improve their well-being by offering relaxing and rejuvenating treatments that nurture the self and lead to long term health solutions. I believe in practicing holistically and focusing on both your physical and emotional needs, establishing balance between the mind and body. I hold a BSc Hons Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. As part of my practice I combine the techniques of Traditional Chinse Medicine with Five Element acupuncture and believe in treating the underlying cause of the symptoms, helping to lead to a more permanent health solution.

I offer personalised treatments in the South Devon area that address the needs of the individual and incorporate my knowledge and training in Chinese Medicine. I have also been practicing massage and reflexology for over 10 years and can tailor and combine treatments to suit you.

Alongside my training and first-hand experience as a mother, I am also able to offer pregnancy massage and maternity reflexology sessions that will help support and guide you through your journey.

I came to being a therapist after many years of experiencing the benefits of acupuncture, massage and reflexologyfirst hand. I had been working as a magazine publisher for over 10 years and finally decided to take the plunge and leave a pressurised career to pursue my love of holistic therapies. It has been an exciting and life changing journey and one that is constantly surprising me.

Over the years I have gained extensive training in both fields. As well as my BSc Hons Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine I also hold an IEB diploma in reflexology and ITEC and MTI level 4 diplomas in holistic massage as well as qualifications in deep tissue massagematernity reflexology, pregnancy and labour massage and spinal reflexology. I am also a member of a number of professional bodies including the BACC, AOR, CTha and CNHC. As I am on the CNHC's register as a recognised therapist clients holding private medical insurance may be able to claim against the cost of certain treatments (please check with your medical provider).  As a therapist, I believe in continual personal development and am constantly seeking to expand my learning.


"I instantly felt comfortable with Emily from the very first session. She takes great care in ensuring that she understands what your needs are to give you the best treatment possible. Her touch is soft but strong, I always left feeling amazing at the end of each session. You can tell she’s very well educated in her field and loves what she does. I can’t recommend her enough!’ Jess B


‘I have had dysmenorrhoea (painful periods) since 12, and I got to a point in my late 30's where I didn't know what else to do. I was fortunate to find Emily and over the course of nearly a year my life has changed for the better. Thanks to Emily's reflexology treatments, I am in significantly less pain and take less analgesia each month. I am able to function when I am menstruating as opposed to curling up and wishing the pain would end. 
Emily is an excellent listener. She is kind, caring and highly skilled in her practice, her advice has always been appreciated and I highly recommend her as a therapist.’ 


‘Emily supported me through a period of physical illness and was a lifeline.  I have total confidence in her and always feel fully supported and nurtured whilst having treatment.  Her professional skills are matched by her personal warmth.’


 ‘I started seeing Emily from when I was 14 weeks pregnant and continued to see her regularly throughout my pregnancy. My visits to her were a real highlight of my pregnancy - not only were the treatments themselves incredibly relaxing, Emily herself was also an amazing resource of support and advice and the whole experience definitely helped me to deal with my anxieties over pregnancy. I would highly recommend her!’


"I started my IVF journey last September and had a few problems before I could actually commence treatment but when I actually started the treatment ,Reflexology was recommend , I found Emily's website and was very impressed with the level of detail and explanations'
Meeting Emily in person gave me confidence, my treatments were very relaxing but her knowledge and advice was very helpful and totally put me at ease and helped me on my journey through IVF’’



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