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My interest in science and health along with the desire to help people brought me to study Osteopathy in the UK. Having graduated from the European School of Osteopathy with a Master’s Degree I have learnt and practiced a wide variety of techniques and approaches.

I also have post graduate training in visceral osteopathy to further hone my skills in working with the connective tissues around the internal organs. These not only play a crucial role in health but also are very often involved and associated with pain and problems with joints and other areas of the body.

Developing both in structural and functional Osteopathy, I seek to develop further in the cranial field of Osteopathy. I am happy treating patients of any age as well as pre and post-natal women.

My passion for cranial and visceral osteopathy stems from the profound effects these modalities can have on the body and are not confined to the musculoskeletal level. Also there is significant progress happening in these areas and I consider them to be the new frontiers of Osteopathy.

Having had motorcycle injuries myself, I deeply understand the structural aspect of the body and can sympathise with the patient’s pain and experience. I work with each particular patient to gain an understanding of both their body and how they live in it.

I graduated from the ESO with a Masters degree in Osteopathy and have had post graduate training in visceral and cranial osteopathy and have more planned for the future. Before I studied at the Department of Medical Laboratories of the Technological Institute of Athens.



The osteopath’s role is to help align the body and remove hindrances to allow the self-healing abilities of the body to function to the best of their ability. I work to establish an understanding of both the condition and the body of each particular patient so the treatments are tailored to the needs of each individual patient.Osteopathy is a mode of treatment that utilises the innate healing ability of the body and is based on the principle that how things move affect their function.

The treatment itself comprises taking a case history to gather general information about the condition of the patient. Physical examination and testing will follow the case history and once sufficient information has been gathered we proceed to the treatment. The treatment will be carried out by the osteopath’s hands and might involve techniques from gentle mobilisation of the tissues to manipulation and adjustment of the joints.

Having had experience from two well established clinics in Kent with different modus operandi I developed both structural and functional skills but I am developing more with cranial/functional osteopathy which I find complements the stillness awareness I practice during meditation.


I recently completed a course in modern acupuncture , but I also use Dry Needling as an adjunct to Osteopathy to help alleviate pain from muscles, which can be very helpful in an acute setting or when manipulation is not applicable.

Dry needling is the insertion of solid needles (that is to say that nothing is injected through the needle) into painful parts of muscles to relieve pain on those myofascial parts of the body as well as to other parts that are supplied by the same nerves. It should not be confused with traditional acupuncture as dry needling is but only one of the techniques an acupuncturist will use.



Is a very efficient way of relieving overworked muscles and allowing them to return to their normal state and function. As an osteopath, I appreciate the significance of the condition of the muscles with regards to the function of the joints, to circulation... as well as the feeling of wellbeing of a person.



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