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Jem Friar N.C., I.I.S.T., I.S.T.Y.M., I.T.E.C., S.P.

Jem Friar's Therapies

- Jem FriarDetox Oil Massage

- Indian Head Massage

- Reiki

- Remedial and Relaxation Massage

- SCENAR Therapy

- Sports Massage

- Structural Rebalancing

- Thai Foot Reflexology

- Thai Yoga Massage


Jem is a Detox Coach & a very experienced bodyworker. He is also trained in a multitude of bodywork therapies & presently practises these at the Haven Clinic in Ashburton, Devon. He originally began his career in alternative health back in 1989, when he trained in Thai massage whilst living in Thailand. He has trained and qualified in McTimoney Chiropractic, Thai Massage, Spineworks, ITEC Holistic massage, Sports massage, Remedial massage, Naturopathy, Psych-K, Indian Head massage, Reconnective Energy Healing and Reiki.

Beyond this, Jem is a yoga teacher, teaching an eclectic Hatha Yoga style. He has been practising yoga for over 30 years. He also practices and teaches chi gung and meditation.
Jem has a keen fascination in other countries and cultures, having spent 14 years travelling and working his way around the world. He does co-counselling, is training to be a life coach, practises meditation, yoga, chi gung and tai chi and has a deep love for being out in nature.

Jem is very passionate about making positive changes on a planetary level, in the realms of environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment. He is trained as a “Be the Change Symposium Facilitator”. For more info go


Massage and Bodywork with Jem

Jem is a very experienced and multi-skilled bodyworker, with over 27 years of experience. He has trained and qualified in  McTimoney Chiropractic, Thai Massage, Spineworks, ITEC Holistic massage, Sports massage, Remedial massage, Osteomyology, Indian Head massage, Reiki, Reconnective Energy Healing Psyche-K and Naturopathy.

Structural Rebalancing

An effective structural treatment, especially for back & neck problems. It realigns and rebalances the skeletal & muscular systems, improves the nervous systems functioning and can also release injury traumas held in the body. This is a remedial & a preventative treatment that uses a combination of McTimoney Chiropractic, Spineworks, Osteomyology & therapeutic massage techniques. (Up to 1 hr)

Traditional Thai Massage

An amazing dynamic full body massage, combining acupressure, gentle stretching and applied yoga. This massage is incredibly comprehensive & even transformative. It improves energy levels, vitality, posture, flexibility, general health and well-being. “It’s a bit like having yoga done to you.” Although this is a strong massage, Jem always maintains the pressure within your comfort zone.
Jem has been a Thai masseur for over 27 years & trained to an advanced level in Thailand, where he lived for over a year. The massage is done on a futon at floor level & you remain fully clothed throughout (so please wear loose comfortable clothes). (60, 90 or 120 mins)

Remedial and Relaxation Massage

An oil massage for improving general health, relieving stress and tension and for treating injured, tight, tense or aching muscles. This can be either a deep tissue massage or a more gentle & nurturing massage – the amount of pressure for the massage is up to you. (60 or 90 mins)

Sports Massage

For treating specific muscular injuries and aiding in their faster recovery. Also for improving sport performance and enhancing training programmes. This is a deep, strong massage. It can be booked as a specific Sports massage or Jem can use sports massage techniques during a normal massage if they would be useful for the recovery of a particular set of muscles that have been injured or are particularly tense.  (Up to 1hr)

Detox Oil Massage

A relaxing oil massage using specific aromatherapy oils that support the lymph system & body to detoxify & cleanse. This massage feels very relaxing & rejuvenating. If you are doing a detox day at home this is the perfect accompaniment to support the process but it can in fact be enjoyed at any time. (60 minutes)

Thai Foot Massage

This foot & lower leg massage helps to balance the whole body & is deeply relaxing. During this massage the Thai acupressure lines are worked on the lower legs as well as on the base of the feet. The reflexology zones on the base of the foot are massaged as a means of balancing the rest of the body & alleviating stress. (45 minutes)

Indian Head Massage

This is a traditional massage for releasing tension from the head & face. Oils are used in the hair & the massage is done whilst being seated. (45 minutes)


A hands-on, energy healing system, which harmonises and rebalances the body, mind and spirit. (45 or 60 mins)

Indian Head Massage :

£25 for treatments up to 30 mins
£35 for treatments up to 45 mins

Thai Foot Reflexology :

£25 for treatments up to 30 mins
£35 for treatments up to 45 mins

Usui Reiki :

£25 for treatments up to 30 mins
£35 for treatments up to 45 mins
£45 for treatments up to 60 mins

Massage & Bodywork :

£40 for treatments up to 60 mins
£45 for treatments up to 75 mins
£55 for treatments up to 90 mins

Thai Yoga Massage : 

£45 for treatments up to 60 mins
£55 for treatments up to 75 mins
£65 for treatments up to 90 mins

£85 for treatments lasting 2 hours


Loyalty Scheme:

* 6 for 5 Therapy Treatments -

6 Massage Treatments: £200 (£40 saving)
6 Structural Rebalancing: £200 (£40 saving)
6 Thai Massage Treatments: £225 (£45 saving)




“Jem is sensitive & has so much experience that I felt very safe in his hands. The treatment I received addressed many different levels of health imbalance & has left me feeling significantly different. he imparts his knowledge generously, encouraging health empowerment rather than dependency on alternative therapies – this is something that I greatly appreciate. Not only do I get to rest in the hands of an experienced healer but I am also taught valuable knowledge by a trustworthy teacher” – Yasmin Kay (Yoga teacher)

“Jem is incredibly balanced, warm, calm, sincere, focussed and conscientious” – Jeddah Mali


“You have such a variety of treatments, each one so very good, that I think that you are probably magic – how can one person know and perfect so much?!” – Frances Carver


“My Detox Massage was 10/10 – just wonderful. Jem has healing hands and during all of my years of travel I’ve never enjoyed or benefitted so much from a massage so much as I did from his.” – Angela Lentelink


“Jem’s hands are to die for! I loved my massage & my Reiki.” – Claire Stephens


“The massage was amazing. The pressure perfect.” – Megan Goodwin


“That was a life changing oil massage.” – Litsa Davies


“Jem you are amazing! Your treatments are fab (I wanted to book in for all of them) and your knowledge is absolutely amazing” – Lauren Hurley


“The Sports Massage was great – it really released the stiff muscles in my shoulder” – Holly Fraser


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