Joanna Bowen Technique, Holistic Massage & Aromatherapy


I have always had an interest in complementary therapies and several years ago I made the decision to make this my career. I love working with clients to improve their health and wellbeing, selecting the best therapy for their needs. I have trained in The Bowen Technique, Aromatherapy and Holistic Massage and regularly update my skills by attending a range of courses for practitioners. 


Joanna's Therapies


    Bowen Technique

    Holistic Massage

    Aromatherapy is a light and gentle form of massage, using essential oils which are individually blended for your needs.
    At each session, we will discuss your current health and wellbeing, and I will prepare a massage blend of carrier oils and essential oils to suit your skin type, health and emotional needs. These are blended specifically for you – I do not use pre-blended oils. An aromatherapy massage is very relaxing, using gentle, flowing stokes to encourage lymphatic drainage and absorption of the oils.  A regular treatment can help to improve your skin condition, aid relaxation and boost overall wellbeing. I am always happy to advise you of ways to use essential oils safely at home. Each treatment includes a blend for you to use at home. This could be a relaxing bath oil, a joint lotion, inhalation or skin oil. 

    “I always feel very cared for and appreciate the relaxing, safe space of Jo's treatment room, her intuitive blending of a unique mix of essential oils and of course the highlight of a long, full body massage. Jo is very responsive to whether I need gentle or deeper work and is an ideal balance of professional and competent with a warm and friendly way of being. I also really like that extra touch of having a personally prepared lotion or suchlike to take home at the end of the session."
    SW, Dartington


    Bowen Technique

    The Bowen Technique is a gentle, relaxing and subtle hands - on treatment that does not involve adjustment or manipulation. It triggers the body’s innate ability to heal itself – rather than the therapist trying to force changes on the client’s body.

    “Joanna is a superb Bowen Technique Therapist and has brought lasting improvement to a shoulder pain I've had for 17 years!  She has the safest pair of hands you could wish for; she is reassuringly calm and clear and she really listens.  Her treatment room is an oasis of calm and she quickly got to the root of my problem, treating it gently but effectively.  I cannot recommend her highly enough as caring, successful healer and a delightful person to get to know.”
    SC, Totnes

    Holistic Massage
    Holistic Massage draws techniques from many traditions, combining them with natural sensitivity of the therapist to meet the needs of each individual.
    Unscented or blended oils are used, depending on your preference. The session is very relaxing and I will always ensure that the pressure used is comfortable for you.

    I have never had a massage before so when Jo offered me a massage treatment I jumped at the chance. At the time, prior to my treatment I was carrying significant emotional tension that was manifest in my tense posture and tight musculature. Jo in her very professional, calm and soothing manner set about getting me comfortable on the couch and began working her magic. The scent of the oils combined with the relaxing pressure of her technique, was thoroughly releasing for me and I did not want it to stop. So I attended again for a second treatment!! I wholeheartedly recommend Jo to any person who is considering a beautifully tailored massage treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated.”
    CM, Yealmpton


    The Bowen Technique - £40

    75mins Initial Consultation / 60mins Follow Up

    Aromatherapy - Back Massage - £40

    75mins Initial Consultation / 60mins Follow Up

    Aromatherapy - Full Body Massage - £50

    90mins Initial Consultation / 75mins Follow Up

    Holistic Back Massage - Back Massage - £35

    60mins Initial Consultation / 45mins Follow Up

    Holistic -Full Body Massage - £45

    75mins Initial Consultation / 60mins Follow Up

    Contact Joanna

    You can contact Joanna through The Haven using the following contact details: -

    • T: 01364 654954