Kate Lowman Acupressure Massage

Kate Lowman

Kate Lowman MAcS AP MS

  • Back, joint and muscular conditions
  • Tension related complaints and general relaxation
  • Pregnancy and post-natal treatments

I have over 10 years’ experience of using Acupressure and Meridian massage to provide successful treatments for a wide range of complains both chronic and acute; including injuries, degenerative conditions, stress and tension related complaints, and pregnancy and post-natal treatments.
My background is in both Korean and Chinese classical medicine and I draw on methods and techniques from both traditions combining massage with acupressure to provide a tailored and highly effective treatment that responds to the needs of each individual I am working with. My aim is always to treat the underlying cause of any condition so that benefits are lasting and the body learns to rebalance itself.

Acupressure is an excellent treatment that is suitable for most conditions and I have experience of treating a wide range of ailments including:

  • Back and joint pain, including injuries, disc problems and sciatica
  • Muscular injuries, strain and tension
  • Tension related complaints including anxiety, headaches and insomnia
  • Nervous system stress, including Fibromyalgia and post accident traumatic stress
  • Wrist and elbow conditions such as carpal tunnel and tennis elbow
  • Knee and ankle conditions, including sprains and bursitis
  • Neck and shoulder pain and tension
  • Sports injuries
  • Pregnancy and post-natal relaxation and conditions

I hold an advanced practitioner qualification from the College of Chinese Medicine as well as additional training and qualifications in Korean acupressure, Yoga and Dao Yoga. I am a member of the Acupuncture Society which is a professional body of Acupuncture and Oriental Therapist Practitioners and am bound by the Society’s Code of Ethics and regulations, as well as its professional code of conduct.

If you are unsure of whether Acupressure might be the right treatment for you please feel free to contact me to discuss this. I am always happy to talk about my work and how it may be able to help you. I am happy to talk over the phone or to answer emails or texts and will respond to you as soon as I can.


Description: Testimonials

James (29 years old) acute spinal injury
“I had a s4/5 spinal compression which had squeezed some disc material from between my vertebrae into my spinal cord, agitating the sciatic nerves in both of my legs causing indescribable levels of pain. My mobility was so reduced I could only shuffle to the bathroom and then back to the bedroom.

I was referred to the spinal clinic at the RD&E and prescribed gabapentin and co codamol, but these were not effective so I started looking into other ways of reducing pain, I was sceptical about acupressure as I didn’t understand how massage could be better than medicine that has been specifically designed to reduce nerve pain, but was desperate to reduce the pain.

The first visit gave minor improvements, but the feeling after the second visit was incredible. The muscles had started to release which in turn eased pressure onto the nerves which reduced the pain I was experiencing. For the first 3 weeks I saw Kate 3 times a week, if I could have done, I would have seen her every day. We then started to space the visits out gradually, first moving to weekly, then fortnightly and then gradually increased the gaps as my condition improved.

6 months later it was decided I had recovered enough to not need the surgery but instead was referred to the spinal rehabilitation service where the physiotherapist actively encouraged me to keep seeing Kate alongside my weekly hospital sessions. A year later I am now seeing Kate every 6 weeks which helps my body to keep in check. Out of all the treatments I have had - medication, physiotherapy or acupressure I would choose Kate as it was the most effective.”

Jo (33 years old) severe back spasms and pain
“I injured my back at work, with the site & surrounding structures in spasm. I found standing up straight the most painful position and was barely able to walk, which had a direct impact on my ability to work or care for my family.
After an assessment, Kate believed I would benefit from some treatment.
I knew very little about Acupressure, however felt very reassured by Kate’s knowledge and quiet confidence. The initial couple of sessions left me feeling relaxed and less tense which help to reduce the spasming in my back. During my third session, it felt like Kate was able to pinpoint the root of the problem. I was utterly relieved not be in pain anymore and so thankful to Kate! I was able to return to work and continue my duties as Mum.
I had seen other forms of physical therapists in the past but no one else had managed to get into the root of the problem in the way it felt this did. Kate was so professional, nurturing and knowledgeable, and I will continue to see Kate in order to maintain a healthy back”.

Lucy (38 years old) treatment to support the body into a natural labour at 40 weeks gestation

“I went to see Kate when I was full term with my second baby. Having gone overdue by 16 days with my first and showing no signs of anything happening soon, I wanted to be proactive and I had heard acupressure and meridian massage could be very effective in getting things moving. In the initial consultation, Kate really listened to what was going on for me both emotionally and physically and tailored a treatment accordingly, making sure I was very comfortably positioned for the treatment and being so sensitive to what might make me the most relaxed. She even gave me the option of being on the floor to avoid clambering full term on to a massage table!

The treatment we decided on was not a traditional massage, working on knots and tension, it focused on specific pressure points throughout the body, working energetically.  It was so relaxing I’m sure I slightly dissolved on the mattress, utter bliss. At the same time, the points that Kate worked on felt really powerful. Kate also made sure I was equipped with points I could use myself during labour to help pain relief and relaxation!
 I was overjoyed the next day, less than 24hrs later when I went into labour for what was to be a very quick and uncomplicated home birth which was exactly what we were hoping for.


I would recommend Kate to anyone looking for a pregnancy treatment or treatment in general. I felt so supported by her and the treatment itself was such a great preparation for labour, both physically.”

Joan (71 years old) severe muscle strain and tension in back
Joan was rendered almost immobile by an acute muscle spasm in her back and could barely move around the house. Kate came to her for the first treatment as she was unable to sit in a car at that point. After the first treatment she noticed a minor improvement initially but as the day went on things started to ease and by the next morning had significantly improved. She then booked a further treatment with Kate in her clinic after which her muscle spasm disappeared and she was able to return to normal living.
“I was so pleased to have been introduced to you and thank you very much for the treatment you gave me. The session certainly relieved me from the pain I was in.
I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending you and would return if ever I suffer again.”

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