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Liz Carter

As a trained nurse, midwife & health visitor I have worked either in hospitals or the community for over 30 years. I have always been interested in & committed to a holistic approach to health – as much as working in the NHS has allowed - & to this end I have undertaken further training in, or have knowledge & experience of: dance therapy, meditation, retreats, women’s groups, counselling, psychotherapy, homeopathy, yoga, tai chi, African drumming & dance, shamanism, creative kinesiology, birth & post natal support as a doula, funeral advising, chakra therapy and massage. This has created a vast breadth & depth of fertile ground from which I am able to grow my practice as a holistic therapist.

I have always enjoyed working with & being with other women in the spirit of sharing, supporting & processing the challenges of our lives! Consequently I have been increasingly drawn to the value & importance of significant Transitions for us as women which are so often insufficiently & inadequately recognised, talked about or marked in our culture.

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