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Vicky Rippin


I have had a passion for healing for as long as I can remember and always enjoyed helping people to feel better. About 14 years ago I began to train in various techniques to help me with my mission. I am a qualified massage therapist, reflexologist, dru yoga teacher and metamorphic technique practitioner. I am also training to be a psychotherapist.

I like my client to feel fully nurtured and supported in their healing journey and have really enjoyed working at the Haven where the rooms are cosy, comfortable and peaceful. With soft lights and gentle music creating the nurturing environment I will endeavour to sooth away your aches and pains, whether they are of a physical or emotional nature. Together we can discover which type of treatment or session will be best for you at that particular time. I will give a brief description below of each thing I offer to give you an idea.

I am trained in various massage techniques and over the years I have developed my own style and can work deeply or more gently according to your needs. I offer a full body massage or can focus on specific areas. My top and tail massage is a popular choice for a general relax and boost; first I massage your face and head and then your feet and lower legs, this entire massage takes place with you lying on your back so is a great choice for someone who wants a pamper but finds lying face down uncomfortable. I use aromatic balms and oils to aid the healing process.

I begin the reflexology treatment with a foot soak and scrub using a mineral rich exfoliating balm that I make myself. The absorption of the minerals through the feet aids the relaxing and detoxifying processes. Then I will work on specific points and meridians on your feet, ankles and lower legs. Reflexology can be used as a general balancer or to help with specific problems such as infertility, asthma, IBS, constipation, menstrual problems, migraines and many other things. 

Dru Yoga:
Dru Yoga is a very gentle yet powerful form of yoga focusing on releasing emotional and physical blocks through flowing movements and breath work (pranayama). I am not currently teaching any classes but am available for one to one sessions of therapeutic yoga.

Metamorphic Technique:
This is an incredibly powerful technique and as the name suggests is deeply transformative. I decided to train in the technique after my life changed dramatically for the better after having a course of sessions. During each session I would experience a blissful state of deep relaxation and would have profound and symbolic dreams afterwards and my life began to change as I transformed on a fundamental level. 
The technique involves a very gentle stroking on specific areas of the feet, hands and head, the areas corresponding to the time between conception and birth. The theory is that events and energies that occur during those early days and that are unknown to our conscious minds will have major influences on our lives, including emotional and energetic blocks.

The metamorphic technique allows and encourages our own innately intelligent life force to move in the way that is best for us, enabling us to flourish as the blocks dissolve away. The session lasts for one hour and takes place fully clothed lying on a couch and sitting on a chair.  

Feel free to contact me to discuss what would be most suitable for you. I look forward to meeting you and being part of your healing journey.



Metamorphic Technique: £45 - 60mins

Reflexology:  £40 -  60mins

Foot & Leg Massage (footscrub incl):  £40 - 60mins

Head, Face and Feet Massage:  £40 - 60mins

Holistic Massage :  £40 - 60mins

Description: estimonials

    I have had various treatments from Vicky, reflexology, metamorphic technique and body massage. All have been amazing; I now have regular treatments with her. She seems to have the power to do a body Xray during reflexology treatments, telling me what's happening in my body and she is always spot on! I can't recommend her enough. You won't regret having a treatment. It's like a body/mind mot & service!
    -Justine F

    I have visited Vicky for Reflexology, Full Body Massage and a Metamorphic session. I went with a specific intention for a medical result supported by my reflexology sessions and I achieved this. Vicky has a very caring and intuitive way of working that is very reassuring as well as blissful to receive in your body! The Metamorphic technique was very intriguing to experience. I felt very rested during and refreshed after it, but alert at the same time - it wasn't soporific in the way that receiving a massage can be. (Both are nice experiences - I love drifting off during massage, but it was also highly enjoyable to be fully awake to the metamorphic process) Some days afterwards, I had the experience of a mental door opening/turning on a light and getting a wider, clearer perspective on what I was up to in my life, which was useful and empowering. Goodness knows how it works, but I can only surmise that it was the result of the session! It feels like very supportive work that comes from the deep place of care that Vicky offers.
    - Suzy W

    I have seen Vicky for metamorphic, reflexology and for a full body massage and I would definitely recommended her for all three! Vicky makes you feel at ease and relaxed and I've had good results from all of my treatment sessions.
    -Beth F

    I had a reflexology session with Vicky and it was phenomenal. She has really sorted me out and I look forward to going back for many more sessions with her. Highly recommend! Thanks Vicky x
     - Debbie M


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