Alexander Technique


Alexander Technique

Photograph of F. M. Alexander 2008
The Society of Teachers of the
Alex ander Technique, London

"the path to better health through good body use"


Lessons in the Alexander Technique can:

    - alert us to inappropriate habitual patterns of movement which can cause pain, discomfort and limitation

        - show us how to exercise choice in reactions to stimuli, thereby improving the functioning of the body


The basic idea of the Alexander Technique is to bring us back to the blueprint of ‘good use’ with which we were born.

Good Body Use
‘Good use’ is good neuro-muscular organization, which occurs when the whole body is able to expand freely, with the head balanced on top of the spine.

Alexander Technique

Poor Body Use
‘Misuse’ affects the natural balance of the head on the spine – the neck stiffens and the curve of the spine becomes exaggerated, leading to weakness in the back and impaired limb co-ordination. Mis-use can be caused by

  • Illness or injury

  • Excessive tension

  • Fatigue

  • Fear

  • Imitation of others

  • Bad habits

  • Deterioration of the spine

Who needs the Alexander Technique?
The Alexander Technique can be of benefit to people of all ages. Even young children can show signs of body mis-use (an obvious example being slumping), and for most adults the Alexander Technique can bring great improvements.

It has been shown to be of particular benefit to those suffering from: -

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Neck or back pains

  • Poor balance

  • Repetitive strain injury

  • Low energy

  • Many conditions brought about by compression of the spine

Changes that can be expected are: -

  • Relief from pain

  • Release of tension

  • Greater range of movement

  • Feeling of lightness

  • Better co-ordination

  • More sensory awareness

  • Better balance

  • Feelings of control emotionally and physically

  • Increased confidence

"I felt that it co-ordinated the energy throughout my body, and it helped me with my lecturing."
JH, writer
"Alexander Technique strengthened my back, and stopped me developing a stoop. It continues to help me keep cool under pressure."
MM, Musician