Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage For Women

Practitioner: Claire Salter

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the science of health and healing from ancient India. According to Ayurveda health is not only a state of freedom from disease but rather a state of total well being and enjoyment of a happy and satisfied mind. 

Ayurveda is not exclusively a medical system as commonly believed. It teaches us how to live our lives with optimum amounts of energy for the maximum amount of time. Longevity, sexuality and rejuvenation are as much a part of Ayurveda as treating ailments. 

The Veda of life helps us to understand what life is, how to organise and manage our lives in relation to the cosmos and how to prevent ailments, and in case of ailments how to get back to health.

Ayurveda “deals with all that is good – bad, happy – unhappy (aspects of life). The promoters and non-promoters (of life) and their nature and measurements”. Charaka Samhita

The principles of Ayurveda are universal and eternal and remain unaltered through the ages. Eternal wisdom can provide eternal solutions and does not belong to any one country but is world heritage.


The three dosha theory of Ayurveda

The three dosha theory of Ayurveda is based upon the law of uniformity of nature; e.g. the same laws apply to the human body as to the rest of the cosmos. All that exists is comprised of ether, air, fire, water and earth. We experience these five elements in the cosmos and they are also present in us in the form of three energies to perform physical and mental functions of the body. These are known as the three dosha and are; vata, derived from ether and air, pitta, derived from fire and kapha, derived from water and earth.

Massage and Ayurveda

There are many different kinds of massages in Ayurvedic literature as well as in the living tradition of India. It is in the family tradition of India to use massage to help each other for relaxation, getting rid of mental and physical tension and strengthening the body. There has been much enrichment in therapeutic massage in South India especially in Kerala. In Kerala massage plenty of oil is used on the body whereas in classical Ayurvedic massage only that much oil is used what the body can absorb. Oil plays an important role in Ayurvedic massage.

Oil application from head to toe is done for the body's strength, suppleness, beauty and durability. There are many medicated herbal oils used for curing various ailments and for enhancing the equilibrium between the three fundamental energies, vata, pitta and kapha. It is necessary to nourish the body through the skin with oil to protect it from the external environment, for strengthening muscles and bones and making the body resistant to shock. Ayurvedic massage is for health and healing, for detoxifying, balancing, strengthening and nourishment.

About Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is holistic, deeply relaxing and calming for the nervous system. It is detoxifying and nourishing. The oils used in Ayurvedic massage are rejuvenating and balancing. Ayurvedic massage serves to restore equilibrium in the body, mind and soul. It relieves aching and tired muscles and bones. The rejuvenating effect leaves you with an uplifted feeling with a sense of vitality.


Massage offered by Claire:

The following three massages can be done on their own or in combination if desired:

Abhyanga (body massage) 60 mins

This is a relaxing, flowing, integrating and rejuvenating oil massage. It is therapeutic in nature and helps to establish balance between the three dosha: vata, pitta and kapha. It brings lustre and beauty to the skin. The massage uses large stroking movements with varied pressure depending upon the clients needs. It starts on the back of the body and flows from the tips of the fingers to the toes. The massage is repeated on the front of the body finishing at the feet.


Shiro Abhyanga (head massage) 45 mins or 30 mins

This is a deeply relaxing and calming oil massage which concentrates on the shoulders, neck and head. The client is in  a seated position throughout. The massage calms the body and mind and strengthens the hair and scalp. The oil used beautifies the hair and decreases premature greying. It is a flowing massage that integrates different techniques such as tapping, kneading and stroking.


Mukha Abhyanga (face massage) 30 mins

This is a soothing and calming oil massage for the face. It starts with cleansing the face using organic rose water which relaxes and soothes. The face is massaged with circular and flowing movement and integrates the neck and ears. It is deeply relaxing and soothing. It serves to enhance beauty and a youthful appearance.


Abhyanga (2) (body massage) 75 mins

This is another type of Abhyanga (body massage) (please see above). This particular oil massage begins with the client sitting up and receiving a short head massage, this relaxes and calms the mind. A short face massage follows and there is a continuation on to the front, finishing with the back of the body. There is more emphasis on the hands and feet in this massage.


Ayurvedic Massage: (Whole body massage on futon mat and includes head and face) 90 mins

This oil massage relaxes the tired muscles with various techniques including kneading, tapping and shaking. It is a flowing massage which gets deep into the muscles. This massage starts at the legs and continues onto the back and the torso. It finishes with the client in a seated position where the rest of the body is massaged including the head and face. A few energy points, known as marma points in Ayurveda,  are gently pressed during this massage to allow energy flow throughout the body. This is a great massage for clients with very tired and strained muscles and those who do a lot of physical exercise. It is rejuvenating and up-lifting.


Please note:

The oil used in Ayurvedic massage are 100% natural and sometimes contain ingredients which may stain or discolour clothing. Please be aware of this and dress appropriately, old or dark coloured clothing is advisable.

Ayurvedic Massage is not advised while menstruating as the body is already in a state of detoxification, so please use your own discretion when making an appointment.Thank you

Ayurvedic Massage Prices:-

120mins £70

105 mins £60

90mins £55

75mins £45

60mins £40

45 mins £35

30 mins £25


The following three massages can be done on their own or in combination if desired:

Abhyanga (body massage) 60 mins

Shiro Abhyanga (head massage) 45 mins or 30 mins

Mukha Abhyanga (face massage) 30 mins


or you can choose from the two below:


Abhyanga (2) (body massage) 75 mins

Ayurvedic Massage: (Whole body massage on futon mat and includes head and face) 90 mins


For savings on block bookings made in advance, please discuss price options with Claire


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