Practitioner: Judith Peplow

Energy Healing
Energy Healing is a truly holistic treatment as it can work on all levels, physical and emotional.  It is a way of looking after our inner self, our mind and our emotions.  Our mind and emotions have a massive impact on our physical health, so it is important to take care of them too.  Energy healing can be seen as general maintenance, you do not need to be ill to have healing.  Just as you would take your car into the garage for a service, sometimes it’s good to give yourself some care and attention. Healing can relax and revitalise you on all levels.   However, healing can also address illnesses and problems.
During the treatment you remain clothed and the practitioner will keep you comfortable and warm.  While you relax they will rest their hands gently on or above you and channel energy for your health and wellbeing.
Just as there are many musical notes, so there are a range of frequencies of energy.  Different healing modalities use different frequencies of energy.  Different practitioners work with different healing modalities. The modalities of energy healing we have on offer at the Haven include Vortex Healing (with Judith Peplow) and Usui Reiki (with Judith Peplow)

Vortex Healing ® with Judith Peplow MFHT
The main healing modality I work with is Vortex Healing® which is like light energy, using many frequencies of energy to transform and revive you with lasting results.  It works with Divine energy and consciousness bridging into the client to work on a very profound level.  Anyone can receive treatment, there are no contra-indications because if it is not in the client’s best interests the energy will not channel.

The energy can be used in two ways.  It will follow intention so can work where it is asked to and where it is most needed.  In this way it can be used like a laser to focus on a particular problem or physical area.  This is good for clients who have specific issues they wish to address.  It can also be allowed to go where the client needs for more general wellbeing.  This is good for clients who want to relax and revitalise or just want to ‘feel better’.  

When used with focus, Vortex Healing can help us to let go of excess emotional baggage and past problems.  Having energy healing is like spring cleaning the house, clearing away unwanted debris and clutter.  It can give us a fresh perspective on current problems, clearing the mind and calming the emotions so we feel more able to cope and sort things out.  It can help to change unwanted emotions such as anxiety and depression. 

It can help us to get over trauma and loss from bereavement or relationship break ups.  It can release physical trauma held in the body after accidents, operations and injuries.   Vortex Healing nourishes the physical body.  It can be channelled to strengthen and re-energise the body during or after illness.  The energy can help combat infections.  It’s relaxing and revitalising effects can support the immune system.  It has helped long term chronic health problems where other treatments have failed.

Most of all it feels very lovely to receive!!
So whether you would like a general treatment to restore and nurture yourself or if you have something more specific you want to address, feel free to give me a ring to discuss or to make an appointment. 

Clients have reported:

  • Clearer mind and calmer emotions

  • Increased energy levels

  • Ability to deal with problems

  • Letting go of past problems

  • Getting over emotional loss

  • Improvement in physical complaints

  • Release of emotional and physical trauma

  • Greater understanding of situations

  • Feeling lighter and re-energised

"Vortex healing really helped me to calm my emotions and help me feel more balanced to deal with daily life.  It was energising as it felt like my head had been cleared of confusing thoughts. About 5 hours after the therapy I felt very refreshed as though I had had a long and peaceful sleep. Thank you Judith."  -Dawn, Mother of 2

“After my Vortex Healing session with Judith I felt lifted in my heart, as though something painful had just gone away.  I really did feel different and the feeling has stayed.”  -RB,  Counsellor

“My main symptom, which was anxiety in the mornings, has gone!”  -Alex, after distance healing

Why Train To Be a Healer?      
I believe we all have an innate ability to do healing.  However, for me, this ability was hindered by my own issues.  Doing training gave me a much wider range of healing tools to use.  It also developed and strengthened my energy system making me a clearer and more effective channel to pass energy on to others.  A musician may be naturally gifted but if they take lessons and learn new skills they will become even better at what they do.  Even a musician who does not take formal lessons would practise and play for many hours to improve.  So it is with healing, the training develops the skills.  I have completed around 500 hours of training.  I practise Vortex Healing with Multi Dimensional Jewel.  Vortex Healing is a path of spiritual awakening as well as a path of healing.