Practitioners: Judith Peplow

Hot Stone Trigger Point Therapy


A firm slow massage that gets deep into the tissues. Deep slow pressure allows the deeper muscles to relax and the mind to focus on letting go of tension.

Hot stones are used as “heat batteries” to warm and relax large tense muscles which can then be worked on more effectively.  I use the stones in conjunction with traditional hand massage strokes to seek out and relieve tension., and then to keep the relaxed muscles warm while working on other parts of the body.

We can work on the whole body for general relaxation or concentrate on specific parts of the body that are particularly stressed, Head neck and shoulders, Back and shoulders. Lower back and buttocks. Arms and legs. Clothed or unclothed.


Chronic Muscle Pain, Stress, Discomfort


Advice, instruction and guidance on self help treatment will be given if needed.
Once you know where they are, Trigger Points can be effectively treated at home by a variety of simple tools to reach difficult parts of the body(eg a tennis ball in a sock). 
Diet, posture and unhappiness can play a significant role in causing Trigger Points to return.

A few simple quick stretches everyday help to keep muscles supple and relaxed.
Understanding how your pain is caused is very important in turning it off. I will show you which muscles are tightening and how to reassure your brain that this drastic, painful, protective spasm reflex measure is unnecessary.

3D images from are used to show you which muscles need to be treated and how to find them. Help and support will be given to treat your own aches and pains and live a pain free life.

Hot Stone Therapy Prices: -

Judith Peplow (IC) 75mins £50, (FU) 75mins £50 / 60mins £45

Hot Stone Reflexology with: Emily Hutchings

I first discovered the benefits of hot stones while travelling in Vietnam. When I came back to England I was keen to learn how to do this for myself so I could enhance my own practice.
Using hot stones in reflexology is a perfect way to nurture the body and can really help the mind and body to unwind. The benefits of hot stone reflexology can include a reduction in muscle tension, increase relaxation and de-stress the body. Clients have found it to be a soothing, comforting feeling that leads to a release of tension and anxiety. 

Hot Stone Reflexology Prices: -

Emily Hutchings (IC/FU) 60mins £40