Practitioners: Sylvie Nichols

What is Solution focused hypnotherapy?

Whilst other forms of psychotherapy can go over the root of your problem, and sometimes compound them, we focus on the solution to your difficulties. In this way we can leave the past behind and start to create a new way of being that is happier and more productive.This is achieved by our working together, with your strong intent to change and my skill in helping you create new ways in thought and behaviour. Through targeted questioning, goal setting and suggestion in the trance state, we can bring about a change that can lead to a healthier way of thinking and feeling. 
What happens in a typical session?

When we first meet in the Initial Consultation, I will gather as much information about you as necessary and we will discuss what it is that you would like to change. This is followed by looking at how the brain works and why you may suffer in the way that you do.
If, at the end of this session, you would like to start therapy with me and I think I may be able to help you, we will agree on a number of sessions together. This is usually 8-12 sessions. 

The follow up sessions are all the same. 50 minutes of conversation, some targeted questioning and goal setting followed by about half the session in trance. Trance is an induced daydream-like state where you will feel deeply relaxed but still aware of your surroundings. You will not be asked to say anything whilst in this state only to lie back and relax. This is a time when I am able to suggest certain thing to your subconscious mind that it will hear and act upon because it will be beneficial to you. 

If you come to me with a fear or phobia or to stop smoking then the sessions are different so please see the specific conditions below:

Fears and phobias

Much the same as the general therapy format,  we have an initial consultation but this is usually followed by just three more sessions . In these sessions we look at the onset of the fear and take the emotional charge out of the memory. I can then use techniques to form a new healthy ‘template ‘ in your mind, one where you will have a healthier response to what triggered your fear response in the past. You will never be asked to do or talk about anything that is too distressing for you. 

Through hypnosis, we can suggest behaviour changes to the subconscious mind related to the addictive substance or activity that will strengthen your will and desire to move away from it. This, along with your setting goals for yourself, can be a powerful way of making fundamental shifts in your path through life.

Smoking cessation
This is one session of one and a half hours and costs £120. In this session we will look at why you had this addiction and what the triggers were. Through hypnotherapy, old destructive ways of thinking and behaving can be fundamentally altered by suggestion to the subconscious mind . 

Weight loss
Many people have a strong desire to be a healthy weight but find it hard to change habits that have formed, sometimes over many years. With hypnotherapy, we can help you make the shift that you want to make at your own pace. By suggestions in the trance state, it will be possible for you to see things differently and find the inner strength needed to bring about long lasting changes to your relationship with food. 

IBS  this condition is often associated with stress and Hypnotherapy can bring down your stress levels so that the effects of the condition can be greatly reduced, and often cleared completely. 

 Anxiety and depression
The root cause of so many other illnesses, both mental and physical, anxiety and depression are suffered by many people all over the world. With hypnotherapy, we can help you understand what is happening in the brain and why you suffer in the way you do . We can relieve many of the symptoms using deep relaxation and  suggestion to the subconscious mind which in turn can lead to a change in your thinking and behaviour patterns. 

Pain reduction
Many people report a significant decrease in the pain suffered whilst under hypnosis as the body goes into a deeply relaxed state. 

Fertility can be such a sensitive subject that it is often not spoken about. It’s something that we all take for granted but many people struggle with it. If you have had problems conceiving then you will know that there can be a huge amount of anxiety around it. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of reducing your anxiety levels and getting your mind and body into a healthy state, ready for conception. 

Confidence/ low self esteem
Some people have suffered with this for most of their lives whilst others find there is a sudden onset after a birth , a traumatic event or a loss. Hypnotherapy can help you understand what is happening in your brain and bring about a change in your thinking patterns that will tap into your inner strength and resources.