Metamorphic Technique


Judith Peplow



Metamorphic Technique:
This is an incredibly powerful technique and as the name suggests is deeply transformative. I decided to train in the technique after my life changed dramatically for the better after having a course of sessions. During each session I would experience a blissful state of deep relaxation and would have profound and symbolic dreams afterwards and my life began to change as I transformed on a fundamental level. 

The technique involves a very gentle stroking on specific areas of the feet, hands and head, the areas corresponding to the time between conception and birth. The theory is that events and energies that occur during those early days and that are unknown to our conscious minds will have major influences on our lives, including emotional and energetic blocks.

The metamorphic technique allows and encourages our own innately intelligent life force to move in the way that is best for us, enabling us to flourish as the blocks dissolve away. The session lasts for one hour and takes place fully clothed lying on a couch and sitting on a chair.  

Feel free to contact me to discuss what would be most suitable for you. I look forward to meeting you and being part of your healing journey.




Metamorphic Technique: £45 - 60mins