Post Natal Doula

Practitioners: Liz Carter

Post Natal Doula

“Motherhood is a sacred task & we need the space & the support to do it well”

My role:
Having a baby & becoming a parent is probably the most significant rite of passage of our lives.
As such it is both enormously challenging & hugely rewarding - so - the more positive input we have, the better it is for everyone concerned.
As a post-natal Doula I am offering you emotional, physical & practical support in the weeks [sometimes months] following the birth of your baby. With such support, guidance & information my aim is to ease your passage through this transition, with all its necessary adjustments, into parenthood & family life.
The majority of my time may be spent with the mother & baby, but input into & the welfare of the whole family is also my concern.

Liz CarterPost Natal DoulaLiz Carter

What I can offer:

  • companionship, encouragement & reassurance – listening & responding, information giving

  • to organise help from family & friends for the ‘babymoon’

  • to talk through the birth experience

  • the promotion & support of bonding & attachment

  • help, support & advice with the chosen feeding method

  • an overview of the health & welfare of mother, baby & other family members

  • help, support & advice with all aspects of the care of the baby

  • simple massage for baby &/or mother

  • looking after the baby while you rest/sleep/ go out or spend time with your partner

  • an awareness of reducing the risks of P/N depression

  • to be a resource for referrals, local activities & making connections

  • ‘troubleshooting’

  • some cooking & some light household duties      


About me:
I have a nursing/midwifery background & from 1985-2002 I worked as a health visitor in the community.
I also have a complementary/alternative perspective, which has developed in numerous ways over the years. Some of this has been through other training courses in dance therapy, homeopathy, kinesiology, bodywork, music & Shamanism. At present I am based at The Haven in Ashburton.
As a Doula I want to be able to work with integrity & in a holistic way so that I can bring in all of my knowledge, skills & experience free from the restrictions of the NHS. Nonetheless, maintaining professional responsibility is still important to me while also developing a co-creative & empowering relationship with the mothers, babies & families I work with.

Costs & Contact:
After an initial appointment, where we would start to get to know each other & discuss what you want, I would anticipate visiting maybe 8-10 hours each week following the birth of the baby, for an average of 2 - 6 weeks. The initial interview costs £40 & then the P/N visits would be £10 an hour [it may be necessary/desirable to draw up a contract & agree on payment/hours] If you’d like more information or want a chat then please contact me at The Haven on 01364 654954.