Pregnancy Massage

Practitioners: Emily Hutchings and Judith Peplow


Massage can be of great physical and emotional benefit throughout pregnancy and after the birth.  Changes in the body’s shape and posture can lead to muscular tension and discomfort. 

Pregnancy brings with it not only physical changes and challenges, but also emotional stresses and anxieties.  Regular massage right up to delivery and post partum can be immensely supportive and helpful.   Advice can be offered for the use of massage during labour.


Pregnancy Massage with Emily:
During my pregnancy I discovered just how beneficial pregnancy massage could be, I found pregnancy massage left me with a sense of relief from the common aches and pains and a sense of complete relaxation.
The benefits of pregnancy massage include relief from muscular tightness and the common symptoms of lower back pain and hip pain. Pregnancy massage can improve your well-being, rebalance your mind and body and help connect with the baby growing inside you.  A massage can help to prepare your body for birth and help to loosen your muscles. In the later stages of pregnancy acupressure points can be added to assist a timely delivery.  
My sessions are delivered with care, compassion and understanding of what it is to be heavily pregnant and in need of some TLC. I am able to combine the massage with maternity reflexology to deepen the experience.


Pregnancy Massage Prices: -

Judith Peplow / Emily Hutchings (IC) 75mins £45 (FU) 60mins £40 / 75mins £45 / 90mins £55


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