Practitioners: Emily Hutchings, Judith Peplow, Julie Adams, Amanda Jordan & Jem Friar


Reflexology is a gentle complementary therapy that works by massaging and applying pressure on the feet or hands encouraging the body to deeply relax, heal and rebalance itself, often counteracting a lifetime of misuse. This delightful foot massage is a real treat for your feet.

Reflexology is based on the theory that different areas and points on the feet and hands correspond with different areas of the body (see interactive chart below). Through deep relaxation it counteracts the effects of stress and encourages the function of the parasympathetic nervous system to promote calming of the nerves return to regular function.

Reflexologists work holistically with their clients and aim to work alongside allopathic healthcare to promote better health for their clients. It is often used alongside conventional care in hospices, hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Reflexology may help:
▪ Relieve stress and related conditions
▪ Relieve digestive issues like IBS
▪ Improve energy levels
▪ Boost your immune system
▪ Relieve pain
▪ Strengthen the immune system
▪ PMT & Menopause Symptoms
▪ Improve sleep
▪ Increase a feeling of well being

What happens when I come for a treatment?
Reflexology is a very easy therapy to receive; depending on the type of reflexology, the most clothing that will have to be removed for a treatment to take place will be your socks and shoes. Despite what some people imagine it is not ticklish!
A full medical history will be requested on your first treatment, and you will be asked to sign a consent form for treatment. This information will be kept confidential.
The therapist will then use their hands to apply gentle massage strokes and pressure to specific points. You may feel areas of transient discomfort during the treatment, but generally the experience should be relaxing and enjoyable.
The therapist may recommend a course of treatments.

A Brief History of Reflexology
Whilst the art of Reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China, this therapy was not introduced to the West until Dr William Fitzgerald developed 'Zone therapy'. He believed that reflex areas on the feet and hands were linked to other areas and organs of the body within the same zone.
In the 1930's, Eunice Ingham further developed this zone theory into what is known as reflexology. Her opinion was that congestion or tension in any part of the foot is mirrored in the corresponding part of the body

Precision Reflexology

Precision work responds to the needs of each individual and aims to maintain natural balance. As with other forms of reflexology, it focuses on stimulating 'reflex points' on the feet in order to maintain good health. These reflex points relate to various parts of the body.

Experienced therapists use this approach with accuracy and sensitivity and accept that the body is a dynamic energy system which is constantly changing. Despite the gentleness of the fingertip linking, the effects may be powerful, with the person feeling detached from their physical body and with a deep sense of calm. The technique is received differently by each person- some feel responses isolated to the feet, while others feel reactions in the relevant areas of the body. 

Healing may occur when the body is deeply relaxed and it's energy can be channeled inward.

The reflexology chart below mirrors a reflection of the body on the feet and hands, left foot or hand representing the body’s left half and right foot or hand its right half. In reflexology practice, technique is applied to the relevant reflex area(s) to prompt a change in the related part of the body. Research has demonstrated such effects for several reflex areas and their reflected parts of the body.

Reflexology with Emily Hutchings:

I first discovered reflexology when I was a teenager and found it to be a deeply relaxing and nourishing therapy.
Reflexology is a non- intrusive therapy that is based on the theory that different points on your feet and hands correspond to different areas of the body. By working those reflex points relaxation and well-being can be improved. Reflexology is an easy treatment to receive and you will only be asked to remove your shoes and socks, I then use my thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the areas.
With ever increasing levels of stress in everyday life, it is important for people to recognise the detrimental effect this can have on your health. Having reflexology is one way of easing the stresses of modern life. Many of my clients find reflexology a great way to improve their mood, reduce anxiety, relax and soothe. 

Maternity Reflexology
As a mother I understand how exciting and challenging the journey from conception to birth can be and am passionate about supporting women through this time. I am able to offer individually tailored maternity reflexology sessions for those trying to conceive and for women pre and post pregnancy.

Pre and Post Pregnancy Reflexology:
During pregnancy maternity reflexology can be a great support to women and can improve your general well-being which is great for you and the baby. The sessions aim to optimise your physical and emotional health by working on specific reflex points on the feet and sometimes the hands.

The benefits of maternity reflexology include re-balancing your hormones, improving your sleep before and after the birth, relaxation and allowing you some much needed time away from your busy life giving you time to focus on you and your growing baby.
I am able to treat from week 13 and then throughout your pregnancy and after the arrival of your little one. At each trimester my treatment plan will change so I am able to address your needs during the differing periods of growth for your baby. I will also be able to offer lifestyle advice and support. I also offer Fertility Reflexology.


Fertility Reflexology
Stress is a complex condition that affects most parts of the body in some way and there is some evidence to suggest it can affect fertility. If you are trying to conceive, reflexology can support you and your partner through what can be a very stressful period of your life.
Many of my clients who have received a diagnosis of unexplained fertility have experienced great frustration with no clear way forward.  Many say that the benefits of reflexology are that it can help you feel as if you are still moving forward. Having reflexology will provide you with relaxation and stress reduction which in itself is beneficial for conception. If you are going into IVF, my sessions will help guide you through and I will work with you each step of the way amending your treatment plan and reflex points to correlate with your cycle and hormonal changes. My sessions will give you a moment of calm. I am there to lean on, offer advice and lend another supportive ear.


Hot Stone Reflexology
I first discovered the benefits of hot stones while travelling in Vietnam. When I came back to England I was keen to learn how to do this for myself so I could enhance my own practice.
Using hot stones in reflexology is a perfect way to nurture the body and can really help the mind and body to unwind. The benefits of hot stone reflexology can include a reduction in muscle tension, increase relaxation and de-stress the body. Clients have found it to be a soothing, comforting feeling that leads to a release of tension and anxiety. 


Spinal Reflexology
Spinal reflexology is a powerful form of treatment that is based on stimulating the spinal reflexes on the feet. During my sessions I will stimulate each vertebrae reflex with the aim of identifying any nerve roots which are out of balance and helping them to open up.  It is a great way to work non-invasively on the spine to help reduce tension and to improve overall well-being.

I like to plan the treatment for spinal reflexology in advance of the session itself. This gives me time to analyse fully what you need and to ensure the treatment will be beneficial to you. I am able to offer specific spinal reflexology sessions or it can be integrated into your normal reflexology session. 

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