Practitioners: Jem Friar

SCENAR Therapy

The SCENAR is a remarkable device developed by Russian scientists & doctors for treating pain, injuries & ailments that their cosmonauts might suffer from whilst out in space. In this way, they have a means of treating themselves without the need for drugs. Now it’s beneficial effects can be experienced by anybody who needs it.

SCENAR is an abbreviation for the Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. It is a small hand-held device which the therapist applies directly to the skin to measure & treat the body. Sometimes described as the Star Trek gadget, it represents one of the most effective modern breakthroughs in healing & pain relief.

The aim of a SCENAR treatment is to stimulate the body’s own healing powers by emitting an electromagnetic signal which is almost identical to the human nerve signal. This signal travels along special types of nerve fibres to the brain, which results in the production of neuropeptides which rapidly advance healing. When applied to a point of pain, the brain also releases endorphins, the body’s own powerful pain relieving substances. The SCENAR device uses active biofeedback, it collects electromagnetic signals that are modified & sent back to the body. In this way, it constantly changes its own electrical impulses to more accurately respond to the body's own neurological impulses, which also avoids the body becoming desensitized to these signals. (See link at the bottom, to the WDDTY magazine, for a more detailed explanation of how the SCENAR works).

The SCENAR device does not heal the body. It supports & helps to reactivate the body's own healing mechanisms, as well as to induce the body’s natural pain relief response.

SCENAR therapy is particularly beneficial for the reduction of pain & inflammation, as well as the improved & accelerated healing of injuries & ailments.

The information & research on SCENAR therapy is mostly derived from the experience of Russian Doctors & through Russian Clinical studies. They have shown that SCENAR can be very useful for the treatment of a broad range of ailments including: 

- Back Pain
- Neck Pain
- Sciatica
- Sports Injuries
- Knee Pain
- Shoulder Pain
- Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow
- Arthritis
- Inflammation
- Headaches & Migraine
- Bell’s Palsy
- Dental Pain
- Post-Operative Pain
- Circulatory Problems Respiratory Problems
- Digestive Problems has even been used for beauty therapy!

Anyone – young or old - who has suffered an injury or is experiencing either chronic or acute pain may benefit from this therapy. SCENAR is licensed for use in the EU for pain relief.

Who should not have a SCENAR treatment:
It is not recommended for:
-People who are fitted with a heart pacemaker
-People who suffer from epilepsy or seizures
-People under the influence of alcohol
-Pregnant women

Your SCENAR treatment:

You will be asked about your health (past & present) & then the SCENAR will be placed on the skin – over the spine, abdomen or affected area – & a gentle tingling sensation will be felt. The strength of the sensation depends on several factors such as individual sensitivity, skin type, & acute or chronic nature of the condition. The SCENAR will at times be held still on particular points whilst at other times it will be being moved around & over the skin. Once the area begins to change (e.g. the skin becomes less ‘sticky’, or it changes colour, or the tone of the machine changes) the SCENAR treatment is complete.

Afterwards, you may feel an increase in energy; you may also sleep better & generally feel more refreshed.

The length of an individual Scenar treatment session is 40 minutes. The frequency of Scenar treatment will be adjusted to the special circumstances of the individual but treatments should take place at least once per week. Acute problems normally require fewer treatments eg: maybe just 2-4 sessions for an acute backache, whilst more chronic problems can require a longer series of treatments.

Most people continue to improve for approximately three months after treatment & some continue to improve for up to five months. It is also common to experience flare-ups of old symptoms & pain during this period as the body continues to heal & this is completely normal.
As with all forms of alternative medicine, healing reactions may occur after treatment. These are rare but if they occur they are seen as beneficial & just part of the process.


Combining Treatments:
SCENAR can be effectively used in conjunction with other alternative treatments and with conventional medicine. Jem may even recommend combining a Scenar treatment with a Structural Rebalancing treatment at the same time, as they work very effectively together.

Preparing for your treatment:

For best results, it is advisable not to bathe or shower for two hours before & after treatment, as Scenar therapy works with the special information contained in the substances found on the skin.

Because it is necessary to have direct contact with the skin, some clients may need to shave their area of injury or imbalance before receiving a treatment. This is normally in close proximity to the problem area but it may also be necessary to use the SCENAR next to the spine where the body’s main nerves emerge from, so this area would need to be shaved too.

If you are unsure how you need to prepare, it is best to speak to Jem, your therapist, beforehand on 07905-696489.

Alcohol & recreational drugs block the brain's ability to process information & should therefore not be used 24 hrs before & after treatment.


For More information about the SCENAR you might like to read the August 2016 article in the What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine – “Space Age Healing in your Pocket.”